The best Breast: la última Guía para la mujer sobre el Aumento de Senos.

Revisión Editorial hecha por "The Best Breast" es la fuente de información para las mujeres que están considerados un aumento de senos. lea más

Lecturas recomendadas acerca de la Reconstrucción de Senos.

Libros informativos sobre la reconstrucción de senos y temas relacionados lea más

“Fuller Breasts”: una Guía para la Mujer para hacia el Aumento de Senos.

Recomendado para leer por cualquiera que esté considerado un procedimiento de Aumento de Senos. Revisado por la  Midwest Book Review. lea más

La guía completa para las pacientes sobre la reconstrucción de senos.

El  libro “Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book” ha sido considerado la  Biblia de los libros sobre el cuidado de los senos desde su aparición en 1990 lea más 

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Los links para obtener más información sobre las Cirugías de Senos y Aumento de Senos. lea más

Out-to-Dinner Breast Augmentation with 24-Hour Return to Normal Activities -- By John B. Tebbetts, M.D. and Terrye Tebbetts

The Development of Processes and Techniques That Have Redefined the Patient and Surgeon Experience in Breast Augmentation

In 1993, Dr. Tebbetts recognized that the patient experience in breast augmentation had remained largely unchanged for over two decades, with patients requiring 10 days or more to return to normal activities following breast augmentation, and with an average of 18-20% of patients needing a reoperaiton within just 3 years following their augmentation according to United States FDA Premarket Approval Study data. When analyzing the reasons for lack of progress in the patient experience in breast augmentation, Dr. Tebbetts realized that almost every area connected with breast augmentation needed major rethinking and a major overhaul of the processes that determine patient results and recovery. Areas that needed improvement included patient education and informed consent, surgical planning and implant selection, surgical and anesthesia techniques, and patient management after surgery.

Reconciling Desires With Reality - By Dr. John Tebbetts

“If you and your surgeon don’t recognize and acknowledge what your body tissues will allow you to have now and for the future, one or both of you may pay a penalty you don’t want to pay.”

One of the first and most important steps on the staircase is understanding the importance of reconciling desires with reality—reconciling your wishes with your tissues. what you want with what your body will allow you to have. It’s much easier to find a surgeon who will tell you he can produce what you want than to find a surgeon who knows and will tell you how what you want is likely to affect you now and in the future. The choices you make now may decisively influence your risks of having problems and reoperations in the future.

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