Cirugia Plastica CA, M.D.
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Cirugia Plastica CA

País: United States
Estado / Provincia: California
Ciudad: San Diego
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9:00 y 17:00 horas
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Indeed, Dr. is a multi-faceted surgeon. Patients feel comfortable with his 30 years of experience as a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and the fact that he performs the latest advances in cosmetic surgery. While serving as a Clinical Professor of Surgery (Vol.) at the University of California - San Diego, plastic surgery residents have benefitted from the skills he has taught them. But perhaps, one of the most important assets which Dr.  offers is "innovation". For example, he developed and introduced a safe and effective technique of Subperiosteal Face-Lift, which produces a more natural and youthful improvement in appearance. He was chosen to field test "power-assisted" Lipo-Suction and is one of original surgeons in the United States to pioneer this highly effective body contouring procedure. Dr.  is also a major proponent of anti-aging medicine and offers an excellent program to not only create youth and beauty, but to enhance the quality of life for his patients. In addition to impressive credentials, his patients rave about his warm, caring manner and sensitivity to their needs.


 His Words


"Based upon the fact that every individual is unique, my goal is to evaluate each patient's needs and desires, then choose the best method to achieve their aspirations. Rather than apply a single method or approach, I strive to fit the cosmetic procedure to the patient. I further believe that a surgeon who specializes in cosmetic procedures, must have an artistic ability to creatively mold and reshape appearance in an endeavor to realistically meet a patient's highest objectives. My aim is to not only recapture youth, or enhance beauty, but to enrich an individual's self esteem."

Lenguajes: English, Spanish

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